Jen (noirglamour) wrote in lindsay_lims,

Round #7 // Sign-up

If you'd like to participate in the Last Icon Maker Standing competition (LIMS): Lindsay Lohan, this is the entry you must go to. There will probably be more competitions; if you comment to this post, you're signing up for the seventh round, which will start on October 21st, 2007. You have until October 21st or when we get at least 15 members to sign up to this post, before the first challenge starts.

Make sure to read the info & rules before commenting, and when you have done that, just list your username and the rules' word by commenting to this post. If you sign-up, you will have to enter all the challenges. If we don't get your icon by the time we have to post the voting for one challenge, you'll be disqualified. So, don't sign up just in case: sign-up if you're going to actually participate.

all participants will have one bye.
**IF YOU PROMOTE SOMEWHERE ELSE(communities would be lovely) AND LEAVE A COMMENT HERE WITH THE LINK, I'LL GIVE YOU ANOTHER BYE! so you can get up to TWO byes instead of ONE!***
this offer will only be good until the FIRST challenge starts (September 30th).

01: itgirlnextdoor // 2
02: tripmeup // 2 Disqualified C1
03: tout_moi // 1
04: idiosyncraatic // 1 Disqualified C1
05: jane948 // 1 Eliminated C3
06: maree_xstar // 1 Disqualified C1
07: birdseye // No Skip Disqualified C3
08: surfhus // No Skip Disqualified C3
09: eternalphoenix_ // No Skip
10: hermionesparkle // 1 Disqualified C1
11: alina_crystal // 1 Disqualified C1
12: diorbella // 1 Disqualified C1
13: likhy // 1
14: kisuncha // 1 Eliminated C4
15: supc4ik // No Skip
16: overevery // 1 Eliminated C1
17: under_the_pink // 1 Eliminated C2

When you sign up, JOIN the community only members may participate. We have open membership. I'd also recommend that you friend the community, but if you think you're not going to miss any updates if you don't friend it.
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