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lindsay_lims's Journal

lindsay lohan last icon maker standing
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Welcome to lindsay_lims! lindsay_lims is the Last Icon Maker Standing competition, featuring Lindsay Lohan, who is known for her movie roles such as Mean Girls and The Parent Trap as well as her music.


01. First you sign up at this post. You have until October 21st or until we get at least 15+ members to register. After this date, we will not be accepting anymore sign-ups. Remember to put "Blue Rose" in either your comment or subject line, or else we will not accept you. Please also make sure you join the community, because only members are allowed to participate.

02. Every Sunday I will post either a promotional shot, or a screencap, or a scan of Lindsay and your job is to submit an appropriate entry to the post. This means that if the post asks for an icon of selective colouring, please make sure you did selective colouring. Or else your entry will not be accepted. If I did not post any additional rules other than the image you have to use, that means that you are free to do anything you like with the image, as long as the entry is a icon under 40kb. Animations are allowed, but please make sure it fits LJ's rule of 100x100 pixels or less and under 40kb.

03. The week's challenge will end at Friday and voting is up on Saturday until Sunday at noon. No other entries will be accepted after the deadline, unless I choose to extend the challenge. (Very unlikely).

04. At voting, you only need to vote out two least artistically presentable icon, meaning that we are going to eliminate one icon maker each week. If you cannot accept being voted out, please do not join. We do not want to use conflicts and arguments. However the first two weeks three icons will be elminated and then two from there on out, until we get down to our top seven.

05. Please do not question the votes. The votes are counted in a very systematically, meaning there is absolutely no mistake. Either you are out, or you are in.

06. All submissions will and must remain anonymous or you will be disqualified.

07. If you don't participate in the next challenge if you're supposed to unless you have a bye, you will be disqualified, unless you have a bye.


first place: eternalphoenix_
second place: x3____leah
third place: cherry_pops
first place: eternalphoenix_
second place: x3____leah
third place: ambyoulance
first place: x_super_snail_x
second place: callingpiper
third place: untiitled
first place: callingpiper
second place: kisuncha
third place: elfandali
first place: kisuncha
second place: tybone
third place: lyke4realz
first place: diorbella
second place: curiousfantasy
third place: under_the_pink

All of our affiliates can be found here
If you are interested in becoming one just leave a comment there as well.
Final Note

if you have any problem or want to contact the mods feel free to email us:
Melissa: hersaturday@livejournal.com

Round #5 banner's were made bytarachen
layout credit:damnicons
header credit: eternalphoenix_